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About the Mariner’s Mountain Home and Deck Project

This property is called the “Mariner’s Mountain Home” because it is a long home with round windows and has several features inside that make it appear like a ship. Through these round windows some of the best views of the city of Asheville can be seen, and it was the goal of an architect to design a new deck space just outside those windows that capitalizes on this unique home’s appeal.

In discussing with the owner, it was determined that a deck that would last as long as the structure it was attached to was top priority. The highest quality non-wood decking on the market for our climate and application was chosen for install. All the horizontal surfaces on the framing of this deck were joist-taped to help prevent standing water from causing the framing to deteriorate any sooner than the 50-year warranty on this deck floor. Pvc Azek decking with hidden Deckorator fasteners was installed on a diagonal to prevent seams on the floor and the rails are gridded with galvanized goat wire. On the second story level of the deck there is a screened in area with an open-rafter tongue and groove 2×6 board roof and is enclosed with Screeneze screen material. This three story deck turned out likely to have the best view of downtown in Asheville.

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Mariner's Mountain Home and Deck

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