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About the Homey Cape Cod Exterior Renovation

This home was built with hardboard siding and several other economical builder grade materials in the 1980s. The home had recently had a new roof put on by a company who worked with the homeowner’s insurance company which prevented us from adding overhangs to the side of the home’s roof, but we were able to take several other measures to preserve and protect this home for many more decades.

We demolished all the siding and created a water seal and moisture barrier. The homeowner picked out a James Hardie Color-Plus siding that we purchased and installed on the exterior of the home to give it a time-proven protection and new look. We replaced all the single-glazed windows with double-glazed new windows and new exterior doors. This project is a full renovation that we’ve contracted for, inside and out, that we will implement in those two large phases. Since the homeowner has plans for an upcoming interior renovation, we worked with them to make changes to the glazed areas in the home to accommodate their future plans. We have designed for them a new floor plan inside and have updated the homes’ exterior plans to implement these new inside plans that we will implement soon. While we had the exterior lights down we made updates to the exterior lighting for the home and added some smart security features to the home at the owner’s request. New vented soffit and ridge vent were added along with new fascia and seamless gutters for water control. The porch was replaced with clear (no knots) pressure treated flooring. The homeowners are blown away at the changes. This home has taken a big step in the right direction in order to restore its value.

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