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About the Davis Deck Space

A deck to a homebuyer is a nice perk but sometimes the inside appeal of a home just outweighs the eyesore deck outside. That was the situation with this home. This home really served the owners well. The layout inside was wonderful and most everything was up to date inside, but the outside had been neglected. The deck was one concern that the homeowner wanted to tackle because it had been built by a handyman and was a poorly planned multi-level deck resting on precast blocks rather than proper footings. Parts of it were falling down and the attachments to the house were soon to damage the brick facade from the poorly supported portions of the deck sagging into the topsoil.

We demolished the old deck and installed a much larger deck with clear (no knots) pressure treated yellow pine MADD wood flooring. The whole deck was constructed as a free-standing structure of no-notched 2×10 nominal pressure-treated lumber connected by galvanized Simpson ties. The deck attachment at the house was doubly flashed and was fastened with Tapcon ⅝” bolts with anchoring epoxy. The deck-flooring was installed diagonally in order to prevent any board seams from being installed on the deck because deck seams wick water. We built two staircases. One small staircase toward the home’s vegetable garden and a large hexagonal stair out to the multi-acre backyard for bonfires and kid’s activities when the family comes to visit. This deck was built to last as long as the house does with the proper staining and maintenance of the wood members.

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Davis Deck Space
Davis Deck Space

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