D. Ross Smith

I’m D. Ross Smith, and the owner and builder at Mountain Quality Construction Inc. I’m a third generation builder and my family has been in the construction industry here in the Appalachian Mountains and Foothills of the Carolinas for over half a century. I grew up learning firsthand what integrity in business and quality craftsmanship looks like. As early as I can remember I’ve been fixing and building things, and I support my family with it even now.

I started MQC to assist customers in building homes, redesign and remodels, exterior renovations, creating outdoor living spaces, deck builds, kitchen and bathroom remodels, and so-on. I give free estimates, assist customers through the design process, and build the project with the highest quality control in mind. In consultation with other construction professionals, I stay up to date with the latest products, design trends, and technologies in order to make every project special for my client. I like to call it, “customer curated design.” In addition to this, I discuss with my clients the latest updates in modern building science. Homes are becoming more useful to owners, becoming more sustainable through efficiency, and are able to last even longer, 100 years or more, with the proper considerations in the design process.

Along with honest and quality work, I think it important throughout the design process to keep my customers informed on what makes their property continually marketable. I’m always out to protect your equity and investment as we improve your space.

The Smith Family - About MQC Homes, Inc.